Supply chain and distribution

Abacus Supply Chain Management Software

When change is inevitable, we must prepare ourselves to embrace it gracefully. The industries are creating new benchmarks in service delivery each day with advancements in technology and innovation. Abacus Supply Chain Management Software is one such tool that aids you in planning and forecasting your logistics and outrun the evolving market needs.

Supply chain and distribution

Drive profitable ROIs with innovation in the supply chain

With automation in supply chain management and distribution, you can achieve your service goals in lesser time, at reduced costs, and with minimum errors. Create a digitally-driven warehouse to organize and prioritize orders, track inventory, manage storage, and track dispatches and logistics in real-time.
Supply chain and distribution

Plan Supply Network

You can now effortlessly plan for your inventory and logistics in terms of orders, stock availability, and dispatch and collaborate the tasks with other CRM applications. Thus ensuring smooth operations without any disruptions.

Supply chain and distribution

Manage Stocks

Monitor the current status of your stocks, plan ahead to procure new inventory & meet the expected demand, keep a check on inward & outward entries, ensure (FIFO) first-in, first-out of goods to avoid losses and delays in dispatch. You can even virtually organize the warehouse and replicate it physically for optimized space utilization and efficiency in operations.

Supply chain and distribution

Consistent & Optimized Processes

Align your front office, field, and back-end operations with logistics for better coordination among departments, faster order processing, efficient operations, eliminate resource wastage and sudden disruptions. As a result, enhance customer satisfaction as well as employee satisfaction.

Supply chain and distribution

Monitor Operations

Get visibility on all the ongoing tasks and their status, make quicker decisions to avoid delays, schedule new tasks, all on a single panel.

Supply chain and distribution


Be penny-wise with controlled operations, reduced delays & errors, and optimum resource utilization, thus improved profitability.

Simplify tasks and focus more on customers

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Key attributes for seamless order processing

  • Cloud-based system

    The Abacus SCM is cloud-based, so it updates automatically and adapts as per the organization's evolving needs.

  • Real-time Analytics

    Know precisely the position of an order in the chain, inventory, ongoing tasks, and dispatches.

  • Real-time Ordering

    Place orders for material procurement in real-time to fight price fluctuations in the market or choose the most competitive source and save costs.

  • Single interface

    User-friendly and engaging interface to improve productivity.

  • Integrated platform

    Collaborate logistics SCM with all other support applications like invoicing, dispatches, and customer support. Thus, reducing response time and efficient operations.

Not sure of what logistics solution to look for? We got you covered.

We have the supply chain management solutions that best fit the needs of a wide range of industries depending on the type or size of the business.

  • Cold Chain Storage
  • Automotive
  • Fashion Apparel or footwear
  • FMCG, grocery, F&B
  • Internet Retail or E-commerce
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Health & Wellness
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation, Shipping or Warehouses

And the list goes on & on…