Paid Marketplaces

Paid Marketplaces: Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa

In given times, e-commerce has become an integral part of the lifestyle. Considering the extent to which the customers spend their time at these marketplaces, advertising in these spaces makes sense. We will help you establish your brand and grab opportunities to gain profits through giant retail platforms like Amazon, flipkart, Myntra & Nykaa or any other marketplace for that matter, whichever best suits your needs.

Capture consumer attention at every point of their buying journey and boost profits

When your consumer is so dynamic in exploring options across the length and breadth of the media landscape, why limit yourself in your approaches to reach them? Their habits open up new opportunities to develop strategies and draw their attention at the most apt time. Moreover, most of their buying decisions are made on retail platforms. Established marketplaces like Amazon & flipkart, Myntra or Nykaa, allow a scope to put yourself in front of the local as well as global consumers when their buying decisions are ripe. Our purpose is to give you that exposure to scale up your sale globally and help you reap maximum benefits.

360 Consultancy

We will provide end-to-end consultancy in strategy planning to sell and expand your reach on Amazon and other marketplaces. Right from developing strategies, evaluating the best possible approach, managing the operations, to analyzing the outcomes, we will pave the way for you.

Magnify Opportunities

We use Amazon and others as a platform to acquire new audiences. We leverage the opportunities presented by these platforms and intensify our efforts in designing ways to push them down the funnel and maximize conversions.

Unified Approach

Collective knowledge of the data gathered through other channels like search, social and paid media gives us a clear understanding of consumer’s movement. We utilize these insights to predict their next move, position ourselves as the best choice, and drive their buying decisions by creating the right mix of strategies across channels.

Monitor Performance

We keep track of how your product is faring in the retail market in terms of sales and popularity. We help you devise budgets and plans accordingly to deliver the products most demanded by the customers so that you make the most out of every rupee spent and meet your profitability targets.

Brand Visibility

We understand your product and brand values inside out and help you create relevant content and custom online stores that best reflect your brand proposition. We leave no stone unturned to boost visibility by following best practices to get rankings, reviews and earn Amazon’s Choice badge.

Earn more from digital retail

Propel your growth in retail media with data-driven insights.

We use our expertise in gaining insights from data and create strategies – be it rejuvenating existing ones or making new ones to establish you in retail marketplaces and build your brand through our various approaches:

  • SEO

    We optimize the product pages and retail stores to get more organic traffic and sales.

  • Branding

    We help you create impactful and relevant creatives for the branding like images, content & branding themes for stores.

  • Campaign Management

    We help you design, optimize & execute advertising campaigns across platforms.

  • Informative UI

    We provide customized dashboards for easy access to timely reports and analytics.

  • Monitoring

    We monitor channel performance & extend expertise support throughout your journey.

  • Competition Analysis

    We keep a watch over competitor strategies and bring you fresh perspective through analysis.

  • Catalogue management

    We help you design, optimize and maintain product catalogue on these marketplaces.

  • Sales & inventory management

    Finally yet importantly, we help you manage the inventory and feep a track of your sales while making effecient and accurate forcasts.

Draw more with right distribution.

Every marketplace has its own value. We help you understand the markets and how you can drive more sales by using them to your advantage.

  • Amazon – Make use of Amazon’s wide outreach and scope to advertise and sell your products.
  • flipkart – Get benefited from flipkart’s wide network of partnerships
  • Myntra – Find new potential for growth with Myntra’s exclusivity
  • Nykaa – Enter into niche market spaces and gain profits with Nykaa