Web Hosting

Deciding on a reliable hosting service for your website which meets all security standards, is simple to manage, and is pocket-friendly at the same time can be a real struggle. We at Abacus realize these challenges and help you get your websites or applications to commission in no time.

Web Hosting

While you focus on thriving your online business, we will take care of the rest

Discover the potential and benefits of web hosting and leave the troubles of running the website to us. There is no need to own the entire infrastructure and bear the cost of maintaining it. Our web hosting solutions make creating and managing sites as easy as a cakewalk. We have a platter of web hosting solutions with features that suit businesses of any type or size.
Web Hosting

Hybrid Servers

Get the best of both worlds with hybrid cloud services. You get the performance and security of a private cloud in combination with the flexibility of the public cloud. Apart from the infrastructure support, you get a complete set of tools for managing and computing your data. If you are unsure of your workload volume or expect the website traffic and data computing volume to go up in the coming times, then going for Hybrid Cloud solutions makes perfect sense. When your private server exceeds the capacity, you can use the public cloud to scale up your capacity as per your needs.

Web Hosting

Virtual Private Servers

If you are looking for the convenience of operating your website remotely with budget-friendly services without investing in dedicated infrastructure, then VPS is the one for you. As a service provider, we bear and maintain all the physical infrastructure while you enjoy the benefits of a dedicated server. You get a virtual private slot of your own where you have complete control to manage it however you like. VPS is much more secure where you can control the accessibility of your data to your users while keeping it private.

Web Hosting

Dedicated Server

If you love to hold total control over your data and operations and don’t wish to share the environment for security reasons, a dedicated server is a suitable choice for you. We will provide you with a dedicated physical server with full rights to it so that you can optimize it to your requirements in terms of security and performance. You can run any operating system of your choice and install any applications that you need. We will ensure smooth running and maximum up-time with 100% dedicated technical support.

All you need is a secure management

No need to think twice with us

Web hosting has always been our strong suit and our years of experience make us a dependable hosting partner. So while you focus on targeting your customers, we focus on making your job easy.

  • Uncomplicating the complex

    While maintaining your own server can be a demanding and costly affair with the physical infrastructure, dedicated human resources, and power necessities for 24 hours up-time, outsourcing the same gives you so much breathing space. Choose from a range of options as the business demands depending on your traffic, data type, and storage requirements. Get your website up and running in no time without having to worry about the workload.

  • Fair Pricing

    Whatever your business needs, we will get you ideal solutions without poking a hole in your pocket. We believe in keeping it simple and straight.

  • Steady Support

    Our dedicated technical team is 24/7/365 on alert to ensure maximum up-time and provide on-demand technical assistance. We also make sure that your systems are upgraded from time to time as your business scales.

  • Risk-free Environment

    Work in a controlled and protected environment. We provide you tools to secure your transactions, control over data accessibility to prevent data misuse or theft, and Network Load Balancing to distribute traffic load evenly.

So, when you think of going live, think of Abacus as your reliable hosting partner.