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Increase your social presence across social media platforms backed by performance-driving content with Abacus solutions. Identify and convert customers who can contribute higher value along their lifecycle and develop long-lasting relations.

Be in the spotlight at all times and boost performance

We understand that the customers prefer brands that are most visible with a powerful message. Our thorough insights into social ecosystems and social platforms help you increase your presence across social platforms through effective content and drive results by maximizing your reach to the targeted audience.

Today’s generation is communicating their thoughts and ideas through social media. They spend most of their time on these platforms as a source of their entertainment and even knowledge of the world around them to a certain extent. This makes social media the most viable tool to grab customers’ attention, feed them valuable content, get them to follow you, and even share. Abacus helps you leverage their dependency and drive them into taking action through influential social campaigns.

Partnering with Clients

We wish to become a one-stop solution to all your needs. We not only buy social media for our clients but be present alongside them throughout their social marketing journey. We help them design content and use the right combination of social media platforms by deeply understanding their business needs and brand value.

Tracking Performance

We monitor your performance at various indices like social media channels, audience segmentation & location to optimize the campaigns with respect to creatives & platforms, allocate resources effectively, and achieve target demographics. We test out campaigns and re-valuate them to meet our client expectations and achieve continuous growth.

Data-Driven Insights

We understand audience demographics in terms of their preferences, where they are most active, and what drives their emotions through our collective data analysis tools. Using these data-driven insights, we help you create messages to engage them effectively, target and focus on high-value audiences. We have a rich source of clean data, effective automation, and expert human resource that together help you make informed & quick decisions and enhance revenue.

Create Brand Awareness

One of the key ingredients to success is effective storytelling. One should be able to build and effectively convey the brand story to attract and influence a targeted audience. We do just that. We help you create awareness among the audience through valuable content, influence them to consider it, and share it, resulting in boosted results.

Creative Ads

Not only do we help you develop effective creatives, but we also keep track of how they are performing at various platforms through our continuous testing and research on customer requirements. As a result, we evaluate and optimize creative assets, best utilize them across channels, and deliver performance in terms of visibility & conversions.

All rounder approach

Business may come in all shapes and sizes. So their need varies too. We cannot stick to a single approach towards designing strategies. We collaborate with clients closely, understand their business dynamics, goals, sales-cycles, and objectives and come up with campaign structures that are an ideal fit and deliver outstanding outcomes.

Abacus Video Labs

You are what you show to the world. The most effective tool to create a visual impact and grab your customers’ attention is through creatives that deliver a strong brand message and associate it with the audience’s beliefs and perceptions. It is a great platform to genuinely share emotions with the audience to make them feel related and influence their preferences for achieving a good conversion rate. At Abacus VideoLab, we create :

  • High-performance Visual Creatives
  • Customer-centric Content
  • Relatable Visuals that trigger an emotional response

Tell a story that sells

Master the art of getting the most out of Social Media Marketing with Abacus Experts.

We encourage continuous learning and partner with you to provide complete guidance on social media tactics to your team. Our specialists teach you how to go about social media marketing and make every penny count.

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Give your customers a gratifying and valuable experience and increase their brand affinity through social media advertising.