Google I/O 2018 All you need to know !!!

February 11, 2022

Pushing the Boundaries of Consumer Technology

Most software developers and engineers look forward avidly for the annual Google I/O developer conference. They use it to benchmark where they need to go. In the world of technological innovation, there’s something new coming through every second. What makes Google different is that it is usually several steps ahead of the competition.

Are You Afraid of a Computer or a Robot Replacing You?

Ever since artificial intelligence (AI) which used fuzzy logic became the buzzword in the late nineties, people have been terrified that the day isn’t too far when they will be replaced by a computer or a robot. As long as you possess self-awareness, have a fantastic memory, and can carry several trains of thought in your mind simultaneously without getting it all garbled; you have little to fear. The truth of the situation is that AI has made life much easier for most people in ways they don’t even suspect.

Prompts for Diffident Composers

There are many people who can chatter cheerfully for hours, but begin to fumble if they need to draft a simple email. There’s much to cheer about with the new smart compose in Gmail which was unveiled at the event. Come June you can expect Gmail to not only aid you in completing words; it will offer nifty suggestions on the kinds of phrases you might require. This feature is based on past usage history and is calculated to annoy editors and writers who get driven up the wall by Word’s shoddy grammar. For the timid users, and those whose command over the language might not be strong, it will be a godsend.

Add a Touch of Color to Your Memories

If you use Google Photos, there’s much to excite you. Bring out your old, dusty photos, and let Google Photos do the rest. From touching up fading memories to restoring classic moments, it has a feature to warm your heart. The latest features will enable you to add color to the vintage black and white pictures incredible colors. It will also offer suggestions on lighting and rotation.

Conversations in Your Own Language

Users who get vexed because Google Assistant can’t understand their pronunciation (especially those who speak in received pronunciation [RP] or in a heavy regional accent) now have something to cheer about. By the end of 2018, you should be able to converse with it in any of 30 languages! What’s more, it will speak in six different voices. Google expects its Assistant will have mastered intonations, accents, and languages to be able to guide and entertain you. However, don’t expect it to tell you jokes in your regional language just yet.

Carrying on the Conversation — And Teaching Courtesy Too!