Mobile Apps

Almost everyone is constantly on the move for various reasons. Businesses are evolving too accordingly to deliver what their customers need at the place and time they need it. It is where innovation in mobile technology comes into play.

Drive customer experience with innovative and engaging applications while on the move

Ease of access to daily needs regardless of place and time has inspired innovation in mobile tech. Mobile apps touch almost every social aspect of our lives. Therefore, it plays a vital role in defining the way businesses are conducted today within this 5 X 2.5 ” screen.
Abacus has the expertise in developing exceptional and fail-safe mobile applications that also give a delightful experiences to the customers. We excel in developing native apps for iOS and Android based devices, with significant experience in React Native platform. We have always kept ourselves ahead of the technological shift to provide app solutions that help our clients deliver exceptional products & services to customers.


We learn what matters to your business and what objectives you wish to accomplish, whether expanding your reach, building brand loyalty by more customer engagement, or increasing sales. Depending on your goals, current market trends, and challenges, we come up with ideal solutions for your business needs. As a team of experienced developers and designers, we collaboratively evaluate suitable technological tools and application platforms like iOS, Android, or React native based on their features that best suit your requirement.

Interface Designing

This is the most essential aspect of any application that determines its success. Considering your targeted audience’s preferences and motivations, our design experts work with you to develop advanced, practical, handy, and sophisticated applications using the best and latest technological practices. We strive to deliver technically superior products that provide a seamless user experience.

Product Development

We deliver products tailored to every client’s needs and budget. Our team of developers creates applications across platforms from iOS, Android to React Native that work on a multitude of devices from smartphones, tablets, Smart TVs, etc., and work seamlessly with various gadgets like smartwatches, voice devices, and car softwares. We develop best-in-class products keeping in mind their scalability and app store ranking.

QA & Testing

Our qualified team of engineers ensures that the products are up to date with security and compliance policies. They apply industry-standard testing methods to identify bugs and ensure smooth software performance without any glitches.


We keep the customer base and expectations in mind while developing the apps. Our teams optimize the apps according to testing outcomes, data analytics, and customer reach to deploy and integrate them across devices. With our profound know-how in digital marketing, we optimize your app as per SEO and ensure a higher visibility and ranking.

Monitoring and stabilizing

While developing an app, constant monitoring and upgrades are required even way later than deployment. We provide maintenance support to make sure that your app is running smoothly without any errors and is up-to-date with the latest version of the operating system.

Win over your audience with exceptional experience

Achieve more with best-suited apps

Every operating system has something meaningful to offer that sets them apart. The question is, which one would you choose? To answer this, we help you first understand your business goals and priorities, and then we come up with the best fit for your needs. Companies are looking for opportunities to maximize their reach to the targeted audiences through diversified apps compatible with a range of operating systems and devices.

  • iOS apps

    If you are looking for a secure environment that allows you to scale your performance continuously as per your needs, then iOS is the choice of OS for your apps. Our iOS app development team develops apps across sectors and devices, keeping in mind the high expectations of the premium user base, and delivers apps with a uniform and seamless user experience. iOS gives more scope for businesses to generate revenue through the app store or in-app purchases and increase ROI with a better conversion rate.

  • Android apps

    When it comes to maximizing your reach and targeting more audiences, Android becomes the first choice of business. Android holds the maximum share in the market and thus provides vast scope to widen influence and increase revenue based on advertising and conversions, thus making it the ideal approach for eCommerce apps. The easy-to-use features and better functionality of Android offer the best and very engaging user experience.

  • React-Native apps

    React-native is becoming the favorite platform for businesses with constantly growing competition and the fight to remain cost-efficient at the same time. It proves to be the most efficient and cost-effective solution given its ability to run on both the iOS and Android platforms and make changes without redoing the whole process with live reloading concept. Thus, allowing you to save time and effort.

So, once you have made up your mind to enter the mobile app market, whatever your challenges are, be it the cost, scalability, security, user experience, or user reach, our team will skim out best fit custom solutions with various functionalities that span across the sectors.