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Google Workspace

Google Workspace: Business Email and Productivity

When our individual lives are digitally driven in almost everything we do, we expect the similar convenience and ease at our workplaces too. Digital workspaces are the way of getting more work done with smooth communication and coordination among team members. Work smarter with Google Workspaces and execute assignments more fluently in lesser time, minimum errors and better clarity.

Google Workspace

Get Google Workspace for a progressive work environment

We may ask why digital workspace? Because, with the whole market having gone all digital with innovations in technology, the customers expect more engaging experience while employees need to be more involved. Google workspace has reinvented the way of working, enabling teams to collaborate more effectively towards achieving a common goal and encouraging faster, creative and agile work environments. Irrespective of status, time, location, network or device, you can increase productivity with better coordination of teams, speed up processes, ease of access to information and simplified management, all within the safety of Google workspace. Conduct video conferences, communicate through business emails & live chat, share files, and access the cloud for storing and sharing data, all on a single platform. Google workspace keeps it simple and clear to conduct business efficiently. Thus, deliver faster results, better service and save costs. Google Workspace allows:
Google Workspace


Don’t let the difference in locations, time or other elements hinder your operations. Access information, files or project related documents from anywhere or anytime on any kind of device in a secure place even when offline. Integrate with other business applications for flawless operations. Switch communication with clarity via chats, email, video or voice.

Google Workspace

Intelligent working

AI-powered applications lets you improve your work quality and focus on productivity. Auto-recommendations let you produce effective emails & content in lesser time. Intelligent meeting features let you communicate effectively without any language or regional barriers.

Google Workspace

Keep up-to-date

Work with latest or any other file formats. Integrate your apps closely and stay connected from anywhere. Make ideas into possibilities with ease of access.Room kits with multiple functionality aid easy & reliable video meetings, scalable to any size rooms and spaces.

Google Workspace

Secure environment

Manage operations within a secure and easy to control cloud-based environment. AI-powered ability takes care of threats and risks proactively and indicates upcoming issues. Centralized admin console lets employees, data and devices management easy and secure. Protect your data even in case of lost or stolen devices or employee turnover.

Go global with Google

Upgrade to a modern way of working and make lives easier

Abacus workspace services are meant to help smooth migration, deployment and operations of Google Workspace Solutions.

  • Execute & Migrate

    We follow industry best practices and Google set protocols to help you migrate all your workload and operations on Google Workspace without losing any data and overcome challenges in scaling your business.

  • Productive transition

    We customize the services to match your business needs. We assist your team and management in adopting & adapting to the changes in working culture and make it more flexible and updated. Thus, encouraging easy flow of information and ideas.

  • Support

    Our support services are focused to implement changes in processes and optimize it to achieve set business goals. We have a dedicated team to support you throughout the transitions and even afterwards with a deep understanding of your mode of operations, business elements and objectives.

Don’t get stuck with the traditional work culture. Be progressive and adopt new means smoothly sail through operations, encourage clear communication and make work more enjoyable. Let Abacus guide you through the whole transition effectively, with ease and without losing any information.