Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for Enterprises

Thrive and grow by shifting your IT operations to the cloud. Transition into Microsoft 365 for better performance, IT security, and lower working costs.

Microsoft 365

Make working with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams your new normal

Microsoft 365 helps you run business smoothly without worrying about your data and information security. Apart from communication and work coordination, use its capabilities to decrease operational costs and improve safety. It comes as a complete tool kit to cater to all your IT needs and helps you to transition to the cloud easily. As a result, improve productivity, minimize the strain on IT, and manage changes with familiar Office applications.

Microsoft 365


Microsoft offers both web and mobile compatible applications that the users are already familiar with, like Outlook, MS Teams and Office tools so you can get work done irrespective of time, place, device or network. All applications are auto-updated. You can even work with others on the same document with shared access.

Microsoft 365

Business Safety

It has built in security features that help secure your precious data, safeguard against threats, secure and manage your devices.

Microsoft 365


Reduce operational costs with better productivity, less expense on automation and IT setup, and reduced risks and cost savings due to loss of data.

365 days of flawless workflow

Do more with less with customized cloud adoption

Abacus workspace services are here to help you move your IT to the cloud and integrate with Microsoft 365 workspace with tailored solutions ideal to your business objectives. Whether you are aiming to increase productivity, secure workspace or reduce expenses, we will help you design the right solution.

  • Licensing and Migrations

    Select your ideal combination of tools and get a direct license through our Microsoft customer experience portal. Get onboard Microsoft 365 with the assistance of our Microsoft-certified experts. We will help you migrate your IT workload on Microsoft 365 workspace flawlessly, at your own pace, and as per your needs.

  • Manage Applications

    Once onboard, our experts will help you manage the platform and optimize it according to your workload and work methodology. Throughout your journey, we will be available for technical guidance and advice as your business evolves.

  • Support

    Our team of Microsoft experts will be working closely with your team to manage your applications and resolve any operational glitches. We will assess how well you have adopted the platform and help you realign your strategies. We will advise on the latest compliance policies.

  • Adopt Innovation

    We will help you adopt modern methods of working through Microsoft 365. Our specialists will train your teams to understand and utilize the digital workspace capabilities to the full extent and transform your business. We will provide guidance on best practices to implement M365 security features and a roadmap that best suits your requirement.

Keep up with the innovation with Microsoft 365

Embrace the easy and convenient tools offered by M365 to make your work simpler and see the results shortly in terms of productivity and employee satisfaction. Microsoft 365 cloud functions that enable effective collaborations and communication:

Emailing & scheduling: Outlook allows you to store your emails upto 50GB and even use your own custom domain names. You can schedule meetings, respond to invitations, share your calendar with your team, and get reminders. You can create new users or recover deleted accounts.

Storage and sharing: Onedrive Cloud service enables you to store large files and even share them with others. Edit files and share with multiple users with desired access for them to see and comment or even make changes with the right permissions. Sync your data on any device on OneDrive.

Communication: Microsoft Teams enable you to connect over video or voice to anyone on the network for effective communication. Now you don’t have to restrict yourself in terms of location or time to get work done.

Security & compliance: Secure your work and emails from online threats with Exchange Online Protection. You can even decide on permissions to view and access your files. In addition, meet international and local industry-specific standards and privacy protocols.

Latest Tools: Get up-to-date versions of Microsoft tools, i.e., Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote for both Windows and Mac devices for faster and efficient execution of tasks.

Partner with Abacus to take your business to the cloud and get faster and more results by investing lesser effort, time, and money.