Email Marketing

Email might be the most traditional medium of all, but it sure is the most personal too. It is the most used and engaging way to capture the audience one-on-one throughout the sales cycle.

Make one of the most powerful channels your pawn to jack up your ROIs

When combined with the data acquired from other technologies, it becomes the most powerful tool to engage and communicate with audiences while increasing the return on investments. Integrate the tool of skillful communication with other marketing channels to execute a holistic and successful promotional strategy. Enter into a dialogue with your targeted audience personally with the right messages at the right time.

Personalized Campaigns

We create messages directed to individual customers & tailored to client requirements to give exceptional customer experience and engage them in a one-to-one conversation.

Work with the experts

Using our knowledge of the industry and marketing channels, our team of experts helps you create and deploy customized emails that fit into the client’s framework. We work with you to develop, create, test out and deploy creative assets that focus on your business goals. We help you design the right templates for your communication and monitor the performance.

Authentic Creatives

We make use of our rich pool of data to design concepts that are original and align with the messages. We help you create a rich source of creative assets that are effective across channels and in sync with business goals.

Best-in-class Service

Our experts provide you with round-the-clock assistance to generate email communications. Our methods & process of execution are proved with measurable results. We are capable of manifesting local and global resources to provide you with results regardless of complexity or volume.

CRM-driven Performance

Using the data analysis from your CRM and paid performance blended with our advanced technologies, we are able to provide solutions to enhance your performance across all communication platforms.

Create an impact on the bottom line with a personal touch

Drive performance with strategies curated at the expert’s hands.

We have a system established that helps you optimize email communications by managing the nitty-gritty of the process, be it IP warming, shrinking the send size, or driving conversations. Our experts manage the data carefully and strategically through:

  • Assessment

    Our experts conduct a thorough audit of email campaigns for the right content and communication.

  • Strategic Promotion

    We carry out email programs throughout the customer lifecycle to make them feel connected.

  • Recommendations

    Our panel of experts work collectively to provide guidance on the development and execution of email strategy along with effective management of CRM.

  • Email Production

    We team up with you to understand your email intent and help you optimize the email production workflow from start to finish. We oversee the whole process from developing the concept to email content creation to actualization and post-email reporting.

  • Complete Channel Management

    We assist you in effectively managing your email marketing channel through integration with automation.

  • Batch & Blast Emailing

    Deliver a common message to all or most of your database at the same time.

  • Performance Creative

    We monitor and analyze the performance of the creative assets through measurable indicators and data and reshape the emailing strategy accordingly

Keep up with the marketing demands to give a personal experience to customers through email campaigns while hyper-focusing on performance.