Paid Search

Get assured visibility and possibility of conversion with Paid Search. It is the surest way to be found by the customers when they are looking to make a purchase. Be present for them to be discovered at the right time.

Grab customer’s attention even before they think of buying with Abacus Paid Search Solutions.

Most of the buying decisions are made by the buyer even before directly getting in touch with the brand. The ways to search and shop online are constantly evolving given the changes in technology like voice searches and the availability of giant retailers like Amazon and flipkart. Consumers have a wide variety of choices and even wider channels that fulfill their needs. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with their buying behavior and preferences to beat the competition.
Abacus assists you to be ahead in this cutthroat competition with our expertise, technology, and guidance and lead the buyers into considering you as the best deal for their needs.

Partners with Google

Our team of experts manages multiple campaigns across platforms that are fully integrated with Google Marketing Platforms. We provide you with premium access to Google beta test programs and the latest technology.

Google Ad creatives

Our experts guide you to devise creative assets focused on achieving your goals, whether it is creating brand awareness or increasing conversion rate. We help you create persuasive video campaigns with a range of video ad formats to engage customers in different ways on YouTube and other video partner sites through Google Ads.

Data Analytics

We utilize our knowledge from data analytics integrated with Google Analytics, Paid searched & SEO to formulate new tactics that increase ad placement and ROI. Using our vast pool of data, we are able to test out new strategies & tools, optimize them and apply best practices at large.

Robust SEM

We help you in micro-segmentation of keywords and audience that helps create more relevant campaigns and ultimately boost customer experience. We effectively analyze queries generated from Google Search and encash on opportunities generated through various channels.


We continuously monitor 24/7 for glitches and optimize the Search using the right tools for maximum output. We keep a check on competitor activities and notify the changes in trend. We tactically use analytics and reports for keyword research.

Smart Reporting

We provide structured reports that highlight your performance indicators. This gives us an insight into possible opportunities to develop strategies and boost revenue. Our expertise based on a wide variety of tests and reports lets us make smarter & informed decisions and ultimately better ROIs.

Make your every paid search penny count

Let your resources work in harmony to expand your reach.

We help you increase your reach to the target audience across the sale funnel using the right balance of channels, platforms, and strategies that work best for you. There is no specific way in which a customer may find you, so widen your presence and increase your chances of being found by the customer at various touchpoints throughout the lifecycle so you can convert their thought process into action. To achieve this, we employ different mixes of strategies.

  • Targeted Media

    Designing media that is multichannel & audience-centric.

  • Targeted Communication

    Create messages or communication tools that feel personalized to the customer and deliver them at the right time throughout their buying journey.

  • Transparent reporting

    Reports that are available for online & offline evaluation

  • Partnering

    Personalized guidance to clients for consistent development.

  • Monitoring

    Uniform live console throughout the channels

  • Analytics

    Analytical insights that help find opportunities to generate revenue.

Paid Search is a direct medium to encash opportunities generated through various channels and convert customers’ thought process into buying action.