Move from WordPress to Drupal

Your website is a critical asset that must be protected. We specialize in migrating websites from WordPress to Drupal, ensuring robust security and scalability. Join leading brands in fortifying your online presence.

Why WordPress Might Be Putting Your Brand at Risk

WordPress is popular and easy to use, but its extensive plugin ecosystem can be a security risk. Common issues include:

  • SQL Injections
    Attackers can manipulate your database
    and access sensitive information
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    Malicious scripts can compromise user data
    and degrade trust
  • Brute Force Attacks
    Weak passwords and insufficient authentication
    mechanisms are common targets

The Power of Drupal: Security and Beyond

Drupal offers built-in security features that keep your site safe. It provides proactive threat mitigation and regular updates. High-profile organizations trust Drupal for their digital presence. Key benefits include:

Advanced Security Measures

Protect your site from common vulnerabilities

Regular Updates and Patches

Stay ahead of potential threats

Community-Driven Improvements

Benefit from the expertise of
millions of developers

Benefits of Migrating from WordPress to Drupal

Migrating to Drupal provides enhanced security and compliance. It offers robust performance and scalability. With superior customization, your site can grow and adapt. Key benefits include:

Stronger Security Protocols

Ensure your site is protected from attacks

Better Performance

Enjoy faster load times and
improved user experience

Flexible Customization

Tailor your site to meet your unique needs

Partner with Abacus Desk for a Seamless Transition

Abacus Desk has expertise in Drupal migration. Our step-by-step process ensures minimal disruption to your business. We provide ongoing support and optimization. Our services include:

Initial Website Audit

Understand the current state of your site

Customized Migration Plan

Develop a tailored strategy for your migration

Implementation and Testing

Ensure a smooth transition with
thorough testing

Post-Migration Support

Receive ongoing support and training
to maximize your site's potential

Ready to Make the Move?

Begin with an initial consultation and website audit. We create a customized migration plan for your needs. The implementation and testing phase ensures everything runs smoothly. After migration, we offer support and training. Steps to get started:

  • 1Schedule a Consultation
    Discuss your needs with
    our experts
  • 2Get a Detailed Website Audit
    Assess your current site's
    vulnerabilities and areas for improvement
  • 3Receive a Tailored Migration Plan
    Understand the steps and timeline
    for your migration
  • 4Implementation and Testing
    Transition your site to Drupal with
    thorough testing to ensure functionality
  • 5Ongoing Support and Training
    Learn how to make the most of
    your new Drupal site with our expert guidance

Ready to Make Your Move to Drupal?

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