Social Marketing

Get noticed and appreciated by the desired audience. Relay your brand promise across the digital marketing channels and engage with your targeted audience such that they come back for more.

Holistic strategic approach for maximizing coverage and conversions

Our purpose is to leverage social platforms to increase the organic footprint and maximize conversions with strategies that are audience-centric and holistic in approach.
We aim to amplify the campaign effectiveness by employing strategies that focus on better customer identification, tracking customer interactions & effective messages that are culturally relevant and personalized.

Social Insights

Research is the key to understanding people’s social needs and experiences. Thier social behavior is influenced by thier social standing, which in turn influences the way they perceive a brand. We capitalize on the data collected through all the sources and analyze it using modern tools and techniques to give you an insight into what people aspire socially & their motivation towards making a purchasing decision. Thus, engage them with content that appeals to them.

Cultural Influences

Apart from social insights, it is crucial to understand the cultural influence on people as it affects their social behavior. We help businesses track the cultural changes in society, use the insights to their advantage and help them establish their brand value accordingly in different cultures. With our strategic recommendations, we find opportunities for brands to participate in cultural trends and plan their future approaches that are culturally relevant.

Social Collaboration

We connect you with various social platforms, right influencers, and portals to maximize your reach, influence audience, and pioneer trends. We help you understand the authenticity of these connections, their integrity, and how effective their social connections are so that you make the right decision.

Knowing Competition

Our market analysis reports provide you with a thorough understanding of your peers’ complete SWOT. Know what’s new in the industry and current trends with social and audience and how your competitors have placed themselves. Thus, we can identify an opportunity to place your brand uniquely.

Social Audits

We assess your past data throughout platforms both qualitatively and quantitatively. We analyze your performance with organic and paid campaigns and figure out what influenced the audience most, content that worked well, and what needs reworking. We create benchmarks with other social platforms to improvise and perfect your current campaigns.

Social Strategy

A clear understanding of your target audience’s interests and their favored social platforms will help you build plans that grab the attention of the right audience at the right places. We help you categorize and segment the target audience. We assist you in designing campaigns that are in line with the channel trends, add value to the conversation, create your own social group, rope in the right influencers, and subsequently realize organizational goals.

Campaign Strategy

Our focus is to align your brand’s proposition to your marketing campaigns. We help you develop campaigns that can put across your message clearly while remaining relevant and meaningful to the audience. We help you to understand the tricks to blend these strategies with your overall marketing plans and find opportunities to connect to audiences at various touchpoints in the lifecycle.

Campaign Development

Creative ideas that grab people’s attention and add value and even, to some extent, affect their perception of their social surroundings are worth the organization’s efforts. We guide you to develop such concepts depending on your target audience’s interest and decision-making behavior. These concepts are effective across social platforms and absolutely people-centric while they can drive conversations, connect people and ultimately help them make decisions.

Editorial Content

It is worthwhile to create content that is not directly screaming your brand values. We help you create posts or blogs that carry a social message, make people think, make rational perceptions, share with others while at the same time aligning to your brand values. These stories indirectly draw your audience’s attention and spark thoughtfulness. The art of storytelling is what plays an important role in leading the customers towards making a purchase decision in your favor.

Creative Development

Our panel of experts, right from strategists, designers to developers, give birth to concepts, optimize them as per brand’s and social needs and materialize these into tangible creatives. We make use of advanced technologies like motion graphics, 3D design, animation, and illustration to develop creative assets that work throughout social platforms and media. We make sure to use the best practices and creative formats in the market that has maximum visual impact.

Be present at the right time and right place

Doing that really counts

Our thorough insights into customer behavior, interests, and social engagement enable us to devise social campaigns for your brands that promise more than results. Our campaigns focus on

  • Communication

    We help you create a communication calendar with content that will keep the customers engaged during the complete consumer lifecycle.

  • Content

    Our associated creators develop content for posts, stories and ads that is relevant and effective across channels and cultures.

  • Monitor

    We set the campaigns in motion on multiple media platforms simultaneously and monitor their performance in terms of response, ability to strike conversations and on-site traffic

  • Analysis

    Finally comes the stage of analyzing and measuring the performance of the campaigns through measurable KPIs and their impact on the bottom line.

We aim to increase your target audience’s affinity to your brand, influence their buying decisions and thus, eventually boost revenue and keep you ahead of the competition.