Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Given the market situations, customer demand for the best service has kept all the businesses on their toes. Therefore, everyone is bending over backward to deliver the expected service within the available budgets and resources.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Exceed the customer expectations with prompt and efficient service delivery whenever & wherever they want it

Abacus Customer Service Management Software lets you choose whichever way you want to deliver service to your customers, considering the severity of the issue while keeping the service quality at par. Support your service teams and customers in the most convenient way and within available resources with automation.

Automation to boost customer experience:

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Strengthen Customer Self-service

Make the customers self-sufficient with an updated and digitalized self-service platform. Create an engaging and interactive platform that can resolve basic requests and answer their queries. Make them feel connected with you by letting them log calls easily or elevating the service desk experience. Thus, empowering the customers while reducing the stress on the service channel and saving on costs.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Prompt service center

Provide the help-desk team with a holistic interface with accumulative knowledge for authentic and consistent customer interactions. Give them access to a 360-degree view of the customer details with their previous interactions so that they can resolve their queries satisfactorily and quickly.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Insights into customer behavior

All the past customer interactions are retained in the system and reflected in a cumulative format. It simplifies the task of the help-desk representative or field technicians, making their response faster and consistent.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Engage Customers

Give customers a choice of mediums for interactions like chats, video chats, messaging, e-mail, social media, etc., giving them freedom of place and time.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Resilience in processes

With automation, the processes are streamlined and consistent. Thus, minimizing the errors and delays in responses and reducing the burden on the teams. As a result, it gives you space to accommodate unexpected changes in the market and make your operations more flexible.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Data Analytics

Collate all the customer data throughout the funnel and across other interaction platforms and utilize this to gain insights into customer behavior, recurring service issues, system information, etc. Analyze this data to take corrective actions and decisions to upscale the service delivery.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Integrated Operations

Collaborate sales team with the customer care team for customized and complete solutions. Integrate with other systems like records, SCM, or any other CRM-based app easily for comprehensive reports and data. Thus, improve communication among the teams and eventually a thorough understanding of customer needs and more relatable service resolution.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Flawless Scheduling

Along with our field service software, manage field service teams, schedule calls and reduce response time in synchronization with the customer care center and technician help desk.

Customer Service and Support Desk Software

Empower Service workforce

The accumulated knowledge, past experiences, and records enable the front-end workforce to resolve service requests faster and feel confident interacting with customers.

Every minute of customer attention matters

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Key capabilities that accelerate service delivery

  • Integrated dashboard

    This lets you get visibility into the service resolution process, make quicker decisions, and improve team communication.

  • Customizable Interface

    It is an effective tool for the support desk team and customer care center, which enables them to respond faster and focus more on customer relationships.

  • Omnichannel support

    Manage customer communication through any channel of customer's liking like chats, videos, social media, and applications, all from a platform.

  • Self-service portal

    Enable the customers to help themselves with common queries and requests.

  • Mobile apps

    Give freedom to communicate or engage from anywhere and anytime through mobile access.

  • Real-time alerts

    Keep the customers informed with real-time alerts and notifications about the status of thier service requests or field service technician

  • One-to-one virtual interaction

    Engage the customers through direct chats, messaging, or video assistance apart from in-person visits.

  • Cloud implementation

    Get auto-updates of features, offers, policy changes, or safety protocols so that no one misses out on anything.

Boost ROI with lesser expenses and higher sales. Transition to Abacus Customer Service and Help-desk Management built on customer-centric features and gain a competitive edge.