Break free from the complexities of managing your IT environment on a single platform and enjoy the perks of shifting to Multicloud. Get the liberty of spreading your workload on multiple cloud environments that best meet the application demands. Our cloud experts help you tap into the combined power of Multicloud and get the most out of it.


Multiple benefits of Multicloud

One-size-fits-all is so old school. Recent unpredictable market trends and ruthless competition has pushed businesses towards diversification. So did innovation and technology. Today’s enterprises face the challenge of managing and effectively processing their vast and varied amounts of data. Therefore, the need for customized cloud solutions. Abacus has the expertise and technology that enables you to adopt and migrate smoothly into multiple cloud environments as the data type demands, whether it is an on-premises server and private cloud for sensitive data or public cloud for handling unpredictable traffic. Multicloud, if planned smartly, proves to be a boon and allows you to choose an ideal fit, avoid getting stuck with the same cloud provider due to high transition costs, at the same time work in a secure network with multiple business benefits.


High performance

All your applications may not perform equally on the same cloud. For example, for handling eCommerce or social site, you need a public cloud, while for processing internal data, maybe financial, you want to stick to a private cloud or on-premises server, or maybe your need to use several public clouds for different purposes like managing multiple users or remote operations, etc. Whatever your need be, you have a choice to deploy your workload to suitable clouds that support its functionality and enhance the performance of every application.


Reduced Costs

Choosing the right environment for each workload type comes with an additional benefit of cost-efficiency. You need to pay attention to how profitable a particular application is working in the cloud. On the contrary, the costs may spiral out of control if not worked out efficiently. Besides, you get the power to negotiate your terms with vendors for optimum IT budgets.


No Vendor Lock-in

All your applications may not work that effectively on one cloud, but migrating to a different cloud at the same time may seem tricky and put a dent in your pocket, which discourages the transition into other cloud platforms. Hence, go for Multicloud to avoid lock-ins and get the best of all worlds.


Low Risk

When you span across multiple platforms, the risk of service disruption is also uncommon in case of one server goes down. You get to enjoy the additional security measures of each cloud service provider for such times.

Multiply your results with Multicloud

Abacus gives you the power to float across Multicloud

Using Multicloud unlocks many possibilities apart from the obvious advantages. However, working in different environments has its own challenges too, which might damage the business if not tackled intelligently. Therefore, for intercloud connectivity to work efficiently, you require partners like Abacus, who have the expertise and experience of multiple cloud transitions.

  • Managing Complexities

    Working on a cloud in itself is technically complicated given the infrastructure that is not under your control. Imagine the multitude of challenges while working on several clouds. Abacus acts as the bridge between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and you for effective collaboration and building a practical strategy.

  • Controlling Costs

    Managing workload over many clouds requires more architecture and people. Diving into Multicloud without any planning can be heavy on pockets. Abacus works closely with your finance team to work out possible cost implications and ensure the transition works out for the best for your business.

  • Avoid Silos

    Although Mutlicloud has its advantages, a lack of a well-structured mechanism may cause the workload to end locked up in the clouds with no possibility of scaling and exchanging data with other clouds, which can become troublesome. Abacus helps you design the best architecture to enable interconnectivity among clouds so you can efficiently manage and interlink workload and data to make the best use of the features.

Partnership that lets you achieve much more with Multicloud

Altogether treading through Multicloud needs a robust support system and well planned architecture to gain maximum benefits. Which is why Abacus partners with the enterprises for effective coordination through and management of critical elements:

  • Infrastructure deployment
  • Networking
  • Load balancing
  • Patching
  • Capacity management
  • Financial operations
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Identity and access management

Unlocking the full potential of Multiclouds and making it work to gain substantial benefits for your business needs meticulous planning and management of assets, finances, and operations.