Take advantage of our experts across channels, our data insights, and algorithms to choose apt time & space on the right channels to display your ads and capture the right audience, all at the price that best suits your budget.

Witness automation in play to drive revenue and evaluate when and where to appear

Finding the right channel that provides expected inventory space and allows data compilation across all channels may seem like a tedious task. But with Abacus automation solutions, fret no more. We help you achieve your desired reach with the collective effects of social, video, mobile, and display campaigns.

Premium Alliance

We are associated with the best in market publishers who can fulfil your inventory needs and reach a high-value audience. Reap benefits from our association to create awareness, build a strong customer base and increase conversions.

Result-Oriented Creatives

Engage customers with influential ads created using effective audio-visual elements and motion graphics. Increase their brand affinity with relatable graphics to get a bottom-line impact.

Smart Investment

We make sure that each rupee you spend is put to work and make more money with smart media buying. You will get full visibility into your media spends, fees and creative production. Our transparency in transactions leaves no room for doubt while we make your investment worthwhile.

Integrated Teamwork

Our approach towards creating a customer-centric strategy is through collaborative efforts of our paid, search and social teams. We all work in sync to develop campaigns and approaches with a deep understanding of customers’ preferences, expectations, interests, and motivation.

Targeting Audience

Using our audience insights, we decide on the right content and which channel to choose for better coverage throughout the funnel. We determine the audience size and media preferences and spend wisely on media buying.

Fraud Prevention

We evaluate the publisher’s credibility and get rid of fraudulent inventory. We help you devise internal strategies to prevent losses due to questionable spends.

Test & Replicate

We increase the number of campaigns, test out these to evaluate which ones work the best, and replicate the process to maximise the impact.

Drive more revenue with influential creatives

Get the most out of your paid media

We will help you design strategies for using paid media to achieve your business goals and help you understand how these approaches increase revenue with the help of measurable KPIs. Exploit the technology to the maximum to grow profits by capturing a high-value audience.
Learn how we help you:

  • Better Visibility

    Increase your presence across available media

  • Reconnect

    Focus on the first-party data for the best content experience

  • Personalise Content

    Create and broadcast relevant & relatable content throughout the media channels, formats and devices.

  • Monitor

    Evaluate media throughout platforms like displays, audio, video screens and make a smart buying decision

  • Integrate

    Collaborative campaigns considering search and social insights

Reach out to the right audience considering their choices and motivations and connect effective creatives that deliver encouraging outcomes.