Ecommerce is like a mirror for your B2C business to evaluate your performance. It bears fruit to all your marketing efforts with conversions. But that’s not all. It also accounts for the customer’s experience throughout the buying journey, from product awareness to product delivery. We help you create an e-commerce framework that knits together all your digital platforms into one customer-centric ecosystem.

Make your e-commerce your best component of your business

Your e-Commerce website is the hub to all your support services, including product sales, that give a satisfying experience to your customers at every touchpoint. Therefore, it must be built on a strong foundation that supports hassle-free coordination of forefronts across digital platforms, i.e., Amazon & other marketplaces, D2C, online retail & social and mobile apps to support functions like check-outs and shipping. We design platforms that seamlessly connect all the touchpoints, effectively communicate, and easily manage the platforms for faster and more efficient service delivery. Thus, gives a frictionless experience to customers and elicits loyal behavior. Our expertise in technology, strategizing, and creativity lets up develop commerce solutions that enable the business to achieve their goals faster and

Complete commerce experience

Increase in numbers of conversions with flawless transactions.

  • Our Mobile-first gives an interactive and on-the-go shopping experience to shoppers.
  • Recover and reduce abandoned carts with hassle-free check-outs and payments and encourage customers to complete their shopping.
  • Reach out more by connecting to social media.
  • Enhance service experience by enabling customer support representatives to process orders and handle queries in real-time with access to digital stores and order history.
  • Connect commerce management systems to service management systems for a complete experience.
  • Enable stores to access digital inventory and sell and deliver in real-time.
  • Easily integrate payment gateways for hassle-free payments and a smooth shopping experience.


Build and deploy marketing strategies faster than ever. Generate leads and increase conversions with easy to manage marketing tools:

  • Independently launch promotional campaigns like discount coupons, gift cards, occasional promos, motivational campaigns, etc., easily and instantly without any help.
  • Draw organic traffic and improve page ranking with SEO optimization with meta tags, titles & URL handles.
  • Unified interface to display products and pricing on multiple sites and multiple currencies.
  • Integrate with social media platforms.
  • Engage customers with interactions like product reviews and suggestions.


Enhance customer experience automated recommendations.

  • Give personalized product suggestions based on customer browsing history.
  • Optimize your products and promotions by analyzing consumer behavior.
  • Optimize across channels for a consistent experience.
  • Lead the customers to your store with optimized searches

Innovative Technology

Drive effective eCommerce cost-efficiently and securely.

  • Integrate core functions with Abacus CRM for a wholesome experience.
  • Headless commerce interface allows you to make changes and optimize without disturbing the whole functionality, thus reducing the cost.
  • Create an engaging shopping experience with our in-built enhancements like payment accelerators, loyalty programs, rating & review.

Customize & Scale-up

Expand your business approach easily on our dynamic platform built to adapt.

  • Integrate with third-party apps and manage your dropshipping business easily.
  • Manage your commerce in terms of channel, location, or devices through a single system.
  • Enable customers to translate store themes in their preferred language or currencies.
  • Customize & brand your store with customizable templates.
  • Go global with options to reset themes based on language or currencies.

Step-up your eCommerce game

Stay ahead in the age of eCommerce and grow as a brand.

With Abacus eCommerce solutions at your disposal paired with cutting-edge technology and expertise in the digital marketing domains, you can exceed your financial goals while establishing yourself as a promising brand and increasing the customers’ brand affinity with unmatched experiences. In addition, we give you the freedom to express yourself with handy and easy-to-use features that enhance the overall customer shopping experience and push you forward in your journey to success.

  • Online stores

    Customizable templates and drag & drop editable features to let you make changes as per your need.

  • User Profiles

    Get the customer information at your palms for better service delivery and organic data.

  • Communication

    Automated email templates that can be customized as per branding guidelines.

  • Mobile-first

    This feature empowers businesses and customers to carry on their business equally. The business can manage update stores, store inventory, carry on dispatch tasks, fulfill orders, and notify shipping details to the customers while on the go. On the other hand, buyers can browse, shop, make payments & track their shipments through an easy-to-operate mobile interface.

  • Secure payments

    We have partnered with numerous payment gateways for a convenient check-out. Accept payments with any mode of customer's liking like credit cards, net banking, UPI, or COD.

  • Product offerings

    You can offer variables in your products like sizes, colors, type, material, etc., and maintain different prices for them. You can sort products by category, type, season, or sale.

  • Discounts & Gift Cards

    Increase sales and customer loyalty by awarding reward points, personalized discount coupons, seasonal promotions, etc.

  • Refunds

    Make hassle-free refunds via used payment modes while the inventory gets auto-updated.

  • Analytics & data

    You can track sales, footprint, and referrals with Google Analytics. Get product-related reports to monitor their individual performance.

  • Dashboard

    Interactive dashboard to monitor entire operations and execute actions for sales, dispatches, or queries. The complete insight into the whole system lets you make informed decisions.

  • Help-desk

    Get complete support by email, live chat, or phone.

Boost business and win customer loyalty with a faster and connected eCommerce platform created through innovation and technical expertise.