Wondering how Amazon can help grow your online business? We will help you figure out how. Unbox the broad spectrum capabilities of Amazon Web Services or AWS with us and get them to work for you.


Confidently grow your business and exceed customer expectations with AWS

Being the oldest and currently the world’s largest cloud service provider, AWS has a broad spectrum of services mainly under three categories – Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as-a-service. So either you can go for a complete package to build and deploy your applications via a ready-made architecture without maintaining any infrastructure, or you can only use the AWS platform for your applications while having your own set-up, or else only take the software services to develop applications.
AWS has a plethora of services to offer, and all come with high security, reliability, and ease of use:

Transparent pricing

AWS pricing model is the most convenient of all. With “pay-as-you-go” model, you only need to pay for what you use either per hour or per GB basis. You can save more with long-term plans like freeze or volume-based usage.


Easy Sign-up

You can set up your accounts in minutes on AWS without signing any contract or agreement. Like any eCommerce subscription, easily create your account, choose the services, and get your website up and running without any infrastructure.



You get a handy dashboard to extract various monthly billing reports for multiple services and parameters.


Unmatched Stability

AWS maintains massive infrastructure spread across the globe, enabling them to provide highly stable services that experience few to no outages.

Adopt AWS for enhanced customer reach

Thinking of adopting AWS? We’ve got you

While AWS has attractive services that can benefit your business in many ways, migrating to the new environment has its challenges and needs to be handled with the right strategies. Whatever your plans are, from business expansion, diversification, increasing speed, improving response time to reducing operational costs, we will work with you to churn out a suitable solution that lets you scale your business and deliver an exceptional user experience. Abacus houses a team of trained and certified AWS advisors who coach and work closely with clients for a successful transition.

  • Software support

    We help you build cloud-native applications, thus making them scalable and cost-effective. You can upgrade your applications for smoother operations and enhanced customer experience.

  • Optimizing costs

    Our team works with you to determine the expected cost and optimize the expenses incurred while transitioning and managing AWS.

  • Security & compliance

    We help you understand, define and maintain the security protocols while migrating to AWS and also while working on it. We are always on alert to keep up with the constantly updating compliance policies of AWS. Build security measures to tackle cloud threats while utilizing AWS security tools to the fullest.

  • Monitoring

    Our team is on constant watch to ensure your smooth cloud transition and assist your team thoughout the journey to adopt and adapt to the new environment. We are working relentlessly to ensure maximum up-time, reduce outages and provide you 24/7 technical assistance.

AWS at your service

Some of the prominent services offered by AWS:

  • EC2
  • RDS
  • S3
  • Route 53
  • Cloud Trail
  • CloudWatch
  • Load Balancing
  • Code Pipeline

And much more…