Loyalty and Rewards Program

Loyal consumers are more viable to repurchase, give your reference more, and try a new service. Our QR code customer loyalty and rewards program allows you to create offers and schemes super-easily, helping you increase profits, improve sales, lessen turnover and drive profits.

Establish a Loyal and High-Performing Salesforce

Building a high-performing sales team is crucial for organizations that aim to create highly profitable growth. Our Loyalty & Reward Software helps you build a positively motivated, self-driven, and high-performing sales network, including retailers and shopkeepers, to achieve targets effectively. Its other benefits include.


User Management

 It allows you to manage users, groups, and roles seamlessly and securely. In addition, it helps you list & locate users and view changing user properties

Product QR-Code Management

Speedy. Seamless. Easy troubleshooting. It helps maximize efficiency, enhance processes, and track assets in real-time. 

Helping you develop a smooth and efficient workflow.

Inventory/Product Catalog Management

Ensure efficient organization and structure of your product database and keeps it up-to-date across all online sales channels with Inventory/Product catalog management.

Area-Wise Offers Management

It ensures that you can run multiple offers at multiple distinct locations; your user will only be able to see an exclusive offer running in their specific area.

Area/Offer-Wise Gifts Management

Similarly, it ensures you can send multiple gifts at multiple locations simultaneously; It makes the management process seamless.

KYC and Redemption Management

You can manage and store the KYC documents required from users in case of offer/coupon redemption.

This digital process makes this task hassle-free.

Referral Schemes Management

You can quickly determine which user gave your reference to another and how many times and reward them accordingly. It helps in creating more opportunities. 

Real-time Support Management

It gives the users an option to chat in real time with the service team in case of any queries or if they require some information.

Reporting & Dashboards

It makes the admin work more accessible; the admin can easily see the top 30 super users, how many coupons were scanned, how many redeem requests were raised, and from which state. In short, it gives all the required data to the admin desk in real time.

Our Trust Circle

We are fortunate enough to work with businesses of all sizes and shapes. Be it some of the reputable brands or some budding start-ups, they have always trusted us with their business needs, and we have always helped them realize their goals.