Field service

Abacus Field Service Apps

Reach the pinnacle of customer satisfaction with the Abacus Field Service App.

If you aim to increase your revenue and build a strong connection with your customers, it is paramount that your products and strategies are backed up by equally efficient field service.

Meet customer expectations and stand out with excellent field service

Abacus Field Service App is mobile-based and helps you consolidate all your field service activities and keep the service management team connected. Thus, making it possible to provide efficient and on-time service and improve the overall customer experience.

Improved first-time fix rate

With the help of our app, identify the best available resources for a given situation, allocate them effectively, engage the technician nearest and best suited for resolving the issue. Thus, avoiding revisiting and faster service resolution time.

Synchronize the service workflow

Make the service process more effective by aligning the front-office and back-office activities through our app. The overall service delivery time is accelerated when supporting functions like call-logging, invoicing, inventory, and logistics are in sync, resulting in a pleasant experience for both the customers and the technicians.

Boost revenue and reduce costs

Efficiently allocate the inventory and service workforce, avoid revisits and repeat tasks, and align the service resolution process. Thus, eliminating the costs involved and increasing the service-generated revenue and customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Improve productivity

Keep the service team on toes with spare parts availability and other information to resolve the issue, schedule the service calls according to priority, organize logistics efficiently, and report effortlessly. Thus, increasing the efficiency of an overall service delivery process.

Increase asset uptime

You can reduce asset downtime with preventive maintenance by using automated scheduling and asset data linked with the CRM.

Be prepared for emergencies

Always be on the toes to handle exceptional situations with the knowledge about current service status and immediate resource availability

Workforce Forecasting

By keeping track of the time taken to complete jobs, team skills, and frequency of service calls, make valuable forecasts, and understand team training and staffing requirements.

Build a loyal customer base with automation

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Aplications that add value to your efforts in enhancing customer experience

  • Real-time Analytics

    Analyse and track service-related data recorded in real-time regarding issues, inventory, technician availability & their location, and reports. Utilize this to make informed decisions and meet service agreement terms.

  • Customer Self-Service

    Provide customers with self-service tools to contact the service team or log the complaints. Thus, creating an empowering experience for them.

  • Automated Scheduling

    Assign the service calls to the technicians best fitted for the job depending on the skills, location, and tools.

  • Interactive Interface

    Manage and track service calls, get complete visibility on person-wise & area-wise tasks allocation, and keep the team on the same page with the current status of assigned tasks and reports, all on a single dashboard. Also, access the dashboard on the go via mobile app.

  • Maintenance Schedules

    Automatically schedule asset maintenance for better uptime and reduced delays.

  • Predictive and Preventive Schedules

    Based on data received from the assets and field service team, you can schedule preventive check-ups and make timely decisions exceeding the customer expectations.

  • Remote Customer Support

    Taking the service experience to the next level with remote assistance through video, phone calls, or direct chat when assigning a field technician is not necessary.

  • Virtual Help-desk

    The field team can take assistance from the virtual help-desk based on previously resolved cases and FAQs for quicker resolution of issues.

  • Back-end support

    Connect the field service team directly to the managers, back-office support, and logistics for smooth service delivery.

  • Updated Protocols

    Keep the field workforce updated with changes in safety protocols or checklists with auto-updates.

  • Inventory tracking

    Keep a tab on available inventory for scheduled calls in real-time and plan to procure new material for upcoming service assignments.

Technical Enhancements to enrich the user experience

We aim to make the user experience as smooth as possible through our highly advanced attributes, whether it’s the service technicians, the team leaders, managers, or the customer itself.

  • Cloud-based Deployment for auto-updates
  • Mobile Link-up
  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Customer Portal
  • Remote Assistance
  • Advanced Security of your software and data compliance