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Effective sales incentive programs strengthen ties with the right channel sales partners to boost sales. Our loyalty and rewards system helps you run channel reward programs with mobile apps, QR codes, and powerful reporting features.

Using our software, you can motivate your salespeople, dealers, distributors, and retailers by offering them timely rewards for their brand loyalty. The result? Increased repeat sales, business revenues, and partner loyalty.

QR + Mobile Apps

A QR code-based, cloud-power, and mobile app-ready system made for today's mobile-first salesforce and channel partners

Easy to Use

Designed for your channels partners, salespeople, & on-field service people with a simple UI that encourages more usage


Easy to integrate with all types of CRMs, ERPs, and other enterprise-grade business operations software & systems

Increase Sales

Our loyalty & rewards software helps you generate more revenue from your channel partners

Brand Awareness

Make your dealers, distributors & salespeople think about your company when they recommend customers a product

Product Knowledge

Provide channel partners with detailed information on the products, highlighting the benefits and current offers

Salesforce Automation

Set sales targets across geography locations for the whole channel partner network

Brand Advocates

Increase sales by converting retailers, dealers, distributors, and other channel partners into brand advocates

Increased Distribution

Our loyalty & reward software motivates channel partners to prioritize your products and sell more


We Help Top Brands with Their Channel Rewards

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Features Your Channel Partners Will Love

An industry-proven rewards & loyalty program with features like members, points, transactions, redemptions, catalogs, campaigns, and performance management. Many of India's biggest brands use and love it.

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    QR-Based Apps

    Our software is based on QR codes that empower your team to quickly set up rewards programs & your sales partners to redeem points easily

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    Customizable Modules

    It's easy to run your channel loyalty program using our software's custom modules, whether you're setting up loyalty points or QR codes

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    Paytm/UPI/Gift Redemption

    Give your channel partners the freedom to choose their preferred loyalty points redemption medium: Paytm Wallet, UPI transfers, or physical gift products to keep them motivated

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    Live Tracking and Reports

    With our real-time monitoring and reporting tools, you can stay on top of your loyalty program's performance to be proactive in responding to channel partner needs

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    Flexible and Nimble

    Our highly flexible loyalty and rewards system lets you change loyalty campaigns, manage rewards, and pause or stop campaigns whenever you want

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    Super Easy to Use

    Our intuitive platform allows you to anticipate what your channel partners need and provide them with what they need to stay motivated

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    Personalized Rewards

    Using our loyalty and rewards software, you can create and run personalized incentives for all your sales channel partners

Custom Modules, Infinite Possibilities

Our loyalty and rewards software is available as a fully-customizable platform with powerful ready-to-deploy modules at a click

Inventory & Catalog Management

  • Add, edit, and manage your products or catalog
  • Barcode inventory, batch, QR, and serial tracking
  • Incoming stock, finished goods, and product bundles
  • Real-time, role-based, and integration dashboards
  • Bulk pricing changes across all channels at once
  • Product/category-based rewards and loyalty points capping
  • SAP/ERP integration via APIs

Channel Partner App

  • Complete product catalog
  • Today's offers and scan points
  • Weekly points tally and wallet amount
  • Installation & gift redemption requests
  • Assigned complaints for registered partners
  • Details of assigned customers
  • Complaint closing based on customer OTP
  • Call customer care feature

Customer App

  • Company product catalog
  • Complaints history
  • Registering video complaints via the app
  • Registering photo complaints via the app
  • Location access allowance for partner
  • Product & partner feedback

Dashboard Module

Industry-standard data visualization for all of your sales metrics, such as:

  • Current offers
  • Active gifts
  • Enrolled partners and their progress
  • Coupon values
  • Customer complaints
  • Products-related metrics

Channel Partner Module

  • Ability to add, modify, & delete channel partners
  • Channel partner details management
  • Redeem History, including gifts, points, vouchers, etc.
  • Assigning customer complaints to the channel partner
  • Verified channel partner monitoring and management

Offers Module

  • Ability to create new offers for your channel partners
  • Distribute offers based on locations & products
  • Points-based offer creation, which channel partners can redeem later
  • Paytm scheme integration
  • Activate or deactivate any scheme, offers, or gifts & can change timelines

Gifts Module

  • Ability to add, modify, or remove multiple gift galleries with gifts bound to points.
  • For example, a gift scheme can be such that for certain numbers of points, there’s a gift attached, e.g.
    • 1,000 Points: Wrist Watch
    • 2,000 Points: Android Phone
    • 3,000 Points: Washing Machine
    • 5,000 Points: LED TV

Coupon Generation Module

  • Unique QR code generation and coupon points management
  • Add, delete, & manage coupons
  • Available & scanned coupons overview
  • Coupon scheme reporting and PDF export

Services Module

  • Overview of all currently registered complaints
  • Filtering complaints based on pending, assigned channel partners, closes, & canceled
  • Add, manage, and delete current complaints
  • Assigning the complaints to the channel partners
  • OTP generation for the customer for complaints closing by channel partners

Supercharge Your Loyalty & Rewards Operations

Develop your channel partners into business-generating business partners with industry-leading loyalty and rewards platform

  • Engage and motivate channel partners by offering exclusive rewards, incentives, and recognition
  • Make your channel partners aware of your products, loyalty programs, and benefits
  • Encourage your channel partners to play a proactive role in enhancing your company's image
  • Promote your business through your channel partners to generate more sales by converting them into brand advocates
  • Streamline the interactions with seamless connectivity to achieve better results & extreme satisfaction
  • Develop a harmonious, coherent channel of communication with your channel partners

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