Salesforce Automation

Abacus Sales-Force Automation

Drive smarter sales with Abacus sales-force automation app as smart work is always more rewarding than hard work..

Automation seems to have invaded our daily lives to such an extent that doing anything manually seems so primitive. So, when our surroundings are so advanced, why fall behind in our business?

Salesforce Automation

All about the Sales-force Automation

Abacus Sales-force automation app is a CRM based solution to make your sales activities organized, faster and clearer. When you have all the customer-related updates at your fingertips, you are free to make informed and smarter decisions quickly. Let’s learn how.
Salesforce Automation

Simplified and Sleek Plans

The software makes the boring task of data entering and searching easier. In addition, all the back-office tasks are automated, which gives you easy insights into complex customer information in simple formats. So, you can create sales plans, execute them, and close the deals faster.

Salesforce Automation

Focused & time-saving activities

With easy access to all the information, the reps can prioritize the leads, find out potential customers and sales closing opportunities in an instant, thus staying focused on closing sales in lesser time.

Salesforce Automation

Consistency in the process

When the data is organized, and the processes are standardized, the whole team follows a consistent pattern minimizing the errors and delays in the workflow.

Salesforce Automation

Insync team

With the interface that allows you to assess all sales activities and view current customers and prospects on a common platform, you can keep your whole team on the same page.

Salesforce Automation

Robust relationship with the customer

Know your customers like the back of your hand, review their communication history and ongoing deals, develop relevant marketing strategies, and offer an engaging experience to them.

Salesforce Automation

Evaluate your performance

When all is said & done, it all comes down to how well you have performed. Review results, compare them against your forecasts and benchmark your best performance.

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Features that drive intelligent decisions and a motivated team

  • Holistic interface

    Make lead entries, edit, search, analyze & assess plans & track updates all in one place.

  • Integrated Platform

    Synchronize all your sales, marketing, and customer service activities on a shared platform.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Know what's happening currently, like ongoing deals, new entries, sales closures, and upcoming opportunities.

  • Artificial-Intelligence

    Get automated alerts on follow-ups, new leads, and prioritization of tasks.

  • Customer behavior Tracking

    Understand what drives the customer decisions and keeps them engaged during the sale process.

  • Data Interpretation

    Track your progress, analyze, revise your strategies for better results.

  • Sales Funnel Tracking

    Monitor the sales process and find sale closing opportunities throughout the sales funnel.

  • Effective database

    Build and save customer profiles, track their interaction history, and share it on the common platform with the team.

  • Record Management

    Record appointments, tasks, call logs, and follow-ups efficiently.

  • Mobile App

    Update, follow-up, and close deals while you are on the move

What it means for various levels of team hierarchy

For Sales Front:

  • Follow-up alerts from the existing customer interactions.
  • New lead notifications from the social platforms.
  • Create new customer profiles and update details.

For Leadership:

  • Forecasts: Track the team progress, make forecasts based on them and monitor upcoming closures.
  • Review the funnel: See your current position with leads and find out new opportunities.
  • Evaluate the team performance: Study the results, review the performance of team members and create incentive programs to drive better sales.