Petrochemical and Lubricants

Overwhelmed with the volumes? We realize the extent of struggles you may face in handling a business that works on volume. We also know how it can be cumbersome to manage such a huge client base across the industries. That is why we focus on providing solutions that take your day-to-day battles of conducting business off your hands. While you focus more on increasing revenue and keeping the customers happy.

More the responsibility larger the challenges

High demand

The sharp increase in demand for petrochemical products has created a gap between supply and demand. At the same time, handling buyers on such a vast scale is a critical task. The right automation tools can ease the pressure to manage and allot material.


Tricky Distribution

The distribution network is very complicated and involves a long chain of stockists, wholesalers, dealers to retailers. Therefore, it needs a strong management system to track and streamline the distribution process.

Unpredictable Marke

Crude oil is the basic raw material of the Petrochemical industry. But the prices are volatile due to constant fluctuations in stock markets and foreign exchange. Plus, the raw material is also scarcely available, impacting the final product’s overall finance.

Surplus Production

Industry’s rapid expansion creates a huge surplus opening new opportunities for export and further sales growth. Which also means a bigger sales team to manage.

Sharing the responsibility for better results

Since the sector is highly organized, planning and handling operations of such a magnitude is a big responsibility. So, we aim to provide custom-made automation and IT tools that can help overcome most of the challenges and are sure to give relief to many.

Track Sales

Large network needs a large salesforce to cater to the market. So, it is a challenge to keep track of everyone and everything. Abacus Salesforce automation tools let you monitor your sales team’s level of activity, locations, and sales closing. You can get involved in the deals whenever you find the need and take faster actions. Engage your team with clear and quicker responses.

Collaborated activities

Our CRMs are very precise and detailed. It helps you to coordinate with departments and get work done faster. The user-friendly interface and functions let you make quick decisions and actions.

Material Management

Our Supply chain and distribution management systems make it easy to distribute and stock material. Keep a clear interaction with distributors and dealers. You can take advance orders and maintain stocks as per facility limits. With automation, you can track the market pricing of the raw material and make better decisions to save costs.

Customer Care

Engage your clients by posting information, taking feedback, and registering complaints. You can track the status of any query or complaint with our customer support tools. Thus, making them loyal to your company.

Better Sales

Get more sales from the end sellers like dealers and outlets with offers and reward schemes. Keep them connected through our Loyalty and Rewards application. Plan and implement new referral programs online.

Safety and Security

Operations and data security are critical elements for this big business. Our reliable IT solutions let you focus more on increasing revenue and less on data security.

We understand the businesses and their challenges. That is why we develop solutions that make their jobs easier despite the volume of business.