Our World Class design studio delivers your brand a creative edge over competition. Our design team is driven by the passion »


With the advent of cloud, the demand for web and mobile applications has soared. We at Abacus Desk have demonstrated »


Reliable cloud is the backbone of a winning web presence, Abacus Desk facilitates with the best deployment infrastructure »


Abacusdesk can help you website get top rankings through a strategic plan of research, planning »

Recent works

  • I-Care

    India Product Show

  • I-Care


  • I-Care

    Indian Menopause Society (IMS)

  • I-Care

    Hard Shell - UAE

  • I-Care

    Kleenoil Filtration

  • I-Care

    Sapient Ecommerce

  • I-Care

    The Kitchen Store

  • I-Care

    M & M Energy International

  • I-Care

    Continental Milkose

  • I-Care

    Sarvodaya Hospital

  • I-Care

    Asian Institute of Medical Science


Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications – All about Android & iOS Apps Development, the introduction of smart phones »

CRM Solutions

CRM is the most important productivity tool for any organization. There are a lot of solutions »

Ecommerce Applications

Ecommerce Solutions for Varied Business Situation – It is no more a B2B or a B2C scenario anymore »

Internet Marketing Consulting

Abacusdesk can help you website get top rankings through a strategic plan of research, planning »

Hybrid Hosting Solutions

Hybrid Hosting using Split Domain Routing : If your business use is such that you wish to have »

Digital Branding

The Importance of Branding in Today’s Marketing Strategies, poor marketing collateral designs »

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We are working for the Indian Government now !!!

Abacus Desk has recently bagged a project for the Government of India. Sure can see happy days ahead of us as far as Mr Prime Ministers governance is concerned. »

Increase your internet speed by this simple exercise

Well if you need to boost your internet speed, here is a quick workaround. Do check this out  »

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We can help you develop a lean, clean Internet machine that will accomplish your purposes. Web technologies and applications have been transforming the ways we do business for a few years now. With the experience we've gained, AbacusDesk would like to help you transform the way you think about your organization, your strategies, and your competitive landscape.

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The professional services scenario out there is pretty distressing. Those masquerading as IT consultants today are nothing but the middle management minds of yesterday with absolutely no fresh ideas or change of mindset. What is required is a fresh, creative approach to shoot down problems and mitigate operational risks that the IT industry is so susceptible to.