We think outside the box and work on ‘Success Now and Budget Later!’ methodology. We have experts in the team who devise solutions to give you your brand the visibility it deserves. We love what we do, We leverage the power of internet ( Social + Search) and bring your consumers closer to your product and service.

  • We do research in understanding your target market and demographics.
  • We understand your target consumer and map their content consumption patterns.
  • We work on smart content creation (read viral videos, blogs, info graphics) which the target audience loves to read and share.
  • We create visibility solutions for your websites on contextual searches.
  • We understand and analyze your traffic patterns and devise strategies for more engagement.
  • We create low cost visibility solutions for your brand positioning.
  • We check the social signals for your brand reputation and take measures to improve that.
  • We create solutions that smartly engages your consumer online and gives them positive brand feeling.
  • We work with various online engagement platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and LinkedIn to get you the needed visibility.
  • We perform landing page hacks to help you get the conversions from the website.
  • We do this all on a low monthly budget and with a passion to make your brand grow.

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