When you think of making everyone else’s lives colorful, we think of making your job simple. Paint is a commodity greatly affected by market trends and changing customer preferences. We understand the difficulties of catering to modern society and struggles to keep up with the market trends. We partner with you to give the customer a memorable experience.

Shade gray in business

Rough Competition

The market is flooded with international, national, and local brands of paint to choose from. Every big brand promises similar benefits. Therefore, it becomes tough to stand out from the rest.

Raw Material

Paint manufacturing requires around 300 types of raw materials. These can be unstable factors in terms of availability and pricing. Procuring such a variety and maintaining the stocks is a real issue. It needs proper planning and forecasting.

Distribution Network

The diversity in uses from domestic to industrial makes it a high-volume business. Also, the market reach is spread across urban and rural regions through a complicated network of sales teams, distributors, dealers and painters. Hence, it needs a strong and well-coordinated distribution network.


Storage and warehousing is another area of concern for many. Due to its volatile nature and limited shelf life, one has to follow strict practices to store and stock paints. This calls for tools that make handling the stocks a cakewalk.


Companies are outgrowing themselves for meeting customer expectations. Apart from the paints, many brands also provide end services of painting and interior consulting. Therefore, companies now need to keep track of their field service workforce which is an additional workload.

We help businesses paint a perfect picture.

Distract yourself from the cumbersome manual activities. Raise your performance bar and focus more on delivering what matters to the end-user. We aim to contribute towards your success with our business tool that gives results. We help you get that customer assurance that they will stick around for a long time.

Boost sales – Salesforce and Loyalty programs

Given the wide sales network, it is important to track sales activities. Our Salesforce tool does exactly that. You can communicate, send instructions and take updates on sale activities in real-time. With our loyalty programs, you can reward the dealers and end sellers like painters for recommending your brand to the consumer. Thus, overall improvement in sales figures.

Logistics & Warehousing

One has to consider expiry and environmental controls while storing paints. With warehousing tools, you can avoid practices that lead to wastage. You can manage the outward and inward movement of stock and logistics. Thus, save big on costs.

Controlled Distribution

You can control the stocks, process orders timely, and prepare for upcoming orders in time. Also, the distributors are able to communicate easily about their supply and payment queries.

Smart CRMs

Now, you can manage all operations from a single point of control through our smart CRM tools. From a single dashboard, monitor the activities, take actions and make decisions faster. Coordinate all operations for better service.

Support and Services

Now companies are extending interior services to the end-users. Thus, tracking service staff and work status extrational task. You can effectively carry out this task with our Field Service tools. At the same time, you can respond to customer queries and resolve them in real-time with our Customer Support software.

Digital Marketing

Your ability to reach out to the target customer and influence their buying decisions helps you build a brand. Our team of specialists and technology enables you to achieve your business goals and get better results.

We provide businesses with simple yet smart solutions that help them encash on their efforts and get better results.